Today’s Meal

I probably think about food as much as I think about working out…which is a lot…but I try to make smart food choices regularly so that I don’t feel too bad about eating badly once in a while. This is what I have eaten/plan to eat today:


Crockpot Oatmeal

– I put my recipe on the page with today’s workout but here is a link some more recipes that I found on Pinterest


I didn’t grocery shop this week, so I went to Jimmy John’s for lunch. Not extremely healthy, but I got a beach club on wheat bread (which is delicious), thin chips, and an unsweetened tea.

*The thin chips have 2 servings per bag, so I had to throw the bag away before I ate them all!


Crockpot chicken, wild rice, and peas.

I made the chicken yesterday and just cooked it in water with garlic powder and pepper for 8 hours on low. Today I am going to shred the chicken and put it with my rice and peas stir-fry style. Probably put some hot sauce on it for flavor.


Again, I am always hungry. So, today I packed carrots for a snack at work and also a fiber one brownie for something sweet ❤


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