Laying off the Carbs

Last night I decided I want to try laying off the carbs and highly processed foods for a couple of days. I read once that low carb diets are quick-fixes, but are hard to maintain and may be harmful. However, mixing in a couple of low carb days a week is a good way to get some of the benefits of no carb diets without harming your body. I am going to try to put together lots of good recipes this week that are low in carbs and not extremely processed so that I can share them with everyone 🙂

*Disclaimer: Again, I am not a nutritionist or a certified trainer. All of the tips I post about health are based off what I find works for me and information I have gathered through research.

Today’s Meal Plan:


3 egg scramble with broccoli and minced garlic

black coffee




Deli lunch meat (I think it has to be better than packaged meat…)

One slice muenster cheese

Veggies – got a veggie tray to eat from all week

All made into a delicious salad!



Unsalted peanuts

Fruit of choice


Spagetti Squash

-This is so easy to make and very tasty.


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