Day 4

Cardio! I know most people hate cardio, but you won’t ever see progress with weight training if you don’t do cardio to lose the fat that is covering them. This was the second morning in a row that my boyfriend and I got up early enough to go to the gym, so I ran on a treadmill for 45 minutes. I did a mix of steady state cardio and HIIT.

Try something like this:

0-5 min warm up walk

5-10 min jog

10-11 sprint

11-12 jog

12-13 sprint

13-15 walk

15-20 jog

20-21 sprint

21-22 jog

22-23 sprint

23-25 jog

(Repeat exercises 20-25 min. 2x’s)

Cool down for 5 -10 minutes

This can be done on an elyptical or a treadmill. I used a treadmill and kept the incline at 1 when running/sprinting and 3-4 incline during walking. Adjust this to your pace and fitness level for a great cardio workout.


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