It’s a New Year!

I have never been so excited about January. Normally I dread the cold weather, and even though it isn’t my favorite, it is a great time to get my body in the best shape ever to show off in the summer. This morning I started off the week with a 1000 calorie workout I found on Youtube.

One of the negative comments on this video made me a little upset. They were bashing the 1 hr workout because she claimed it was HIIT and their opinion was that it was way too long to be effective. Yes, the video is long, but if that person would have done the video they would have heard her mention at the end of the video that she NEVER does that long of a HIIT workout. I used it as a fitness check point, and I plan to do it again at the end of my next 6 week challenge to see where I am physically.

Which brings me to my next challenge…I am going to subscribe to Christine Salus’ youtube challenge and try her 6 week challenge. She was the person in the 1000 calorie workout and I really liked her ab definition and skinny but strong legs (mine will never be that thin, but oh well).

Starting the challenge today will make it end on February 13th…the day before Valentine’s Day – how perfect! My goal is to stay on schedule with the program, however if I add a gym day in instead I will just push my end date back another day. But I will do each and every day of this program and see what results I can get!

I hope everyone will try it with me!

*The subscription to her page is approx. $9/month, but can be cancelled at any time. Just another reason to finish the program quicker 🙂 Also, I will try and post alternative workouts for those who do not want to pay for the program.


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