I have not been as good about eating as I should and I feel it! No point in working hard in the gym and wasting it on bad foods! I need to really watch what I eat and be better about what fuels my body. I’m going to keep my food journal up this week just to see how good I can be!


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  1. LloydRosen says:

    Although that is true, keep going to the gym no matter what! Good food or not. Otherwise the whole process will end up stopping:) going to the gym will end up fueling your need for better food. The body has a way of telling you what you need.


    1. smathews01 says:

      Trust me, I will never stop going to the gym no matter what I eat! I am trully addicted to exercise, and I find that to be a blessing! I’m just not so great at self control when it comes to food…always room for progress! Thanks for the words of wisdom. It’s great to get some feedback 🙂

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      1. LloydRosen says:

        I’m horrible at food control myself… But I try:)

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