Make Every Meal Count

Think of each meal as a  chance to fuel your body instead of stuff your face. Start your day out right with low sugar options like eggs or oatmeal instead of a bowl of frosted flakes. You will stay fuller longer and it will give you the boost your body needs. At lunch, don’t load up on carbs or greasy foods. Try eating a can of tuna with half of an avocado or a homemade salad with chicken for a protein packed meal that will not make you feel sluggish the rest of the day. Finally, finish the day off strong with a lean protein like fish or chicken and a hefty side of veggies. I read somewhere that if you choose healthy foods (like fruits and veggies) when you are hungry instead of snack foods, your body will actually prefer those healthier foods after a while.

Be nice to your body and it will be nice to you 🙂


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