Officially a SPARTAN!

What an amazing experience it was to participate in my first spartan race last weekend! Even though I have been working out consistently 5-6 days a week, both lifting weights and doing cardio workouts, I could still barely move my body the day after this event! We ran the sprint, which is 4.4 miles and…

Got to love the fall. 

I recently moved to South Carolina thinking that it would be nice to get away from the cold winters in Michigan. What I didn’t realize was how much I would miss the changing colors of the leaves in the fall and the leggings, boots, and scarf season. Luckily, we have found an orchard right outside…

Running is good for the soul.

When I have a bad day, there are three things I think about doing; eating, drinking, and running. The first two help for a little while, but I eventually end up feeling just as bad or worse than I did before I started eating or drinking. Now running on the other hand, that gives me…

I’m Back!

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted! I have a lot of new information to share with everyone and I’m ready to get back in to blogging about the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle. Check back tomorrow for more 🙂

Make It Fun!

being active can be way more fun with friends. Here are some pictures from my color run experience today!  

Here we come summer!

i have recently gotten into cycling. I highly recommend taking a class before taking on a new form of exercise.  

Chocolate Fix

Try this recipe I found on Pinterest for a healthy chocolate mug cake. It hit the spot!  

Day 1 – Food Plan

How many people are familiar with the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen”? Well, it’s true. While you need cardio and strength training to burn fat and build muscle tone, it is important to eat right or you will never see the result of your hard work. So, this week I am going to…

Haystack Dinner

Tonight I am making a haystack dinner with ground turkey. All you need is brown rice, peas, ground turkey, cream of mushroom soup and cheese!